5 girls and a Ouija Board

“It was over the summer after my senior year of high school, so June 2016. We were all sitting in my friends ’s backyard, like 5 or 6 of us, just hanging out and listening to music and stuff. I guess a couple days before that she had borrowed someone’s Ouija board and you know, we were at a sleepover and that’s the kind of stuff girls do at a sleep over. So we open the board and it’s just your classic Ouija board, probably from target or something, with all the letters lined up and a couple words like yes, no, hello, goodbye, etcetera.  We all put our hands on the moving piece thing and start asking questions. We kept asking if anyone was there and nothing happened. Then we started to ask personal questions, like about boys, friends, and life and stuff, and still nothing happened. We all promised beforehand that nobody was going to move it to make sure that it was just one of our friends messing with us. After a couple more times asking if anybody was there we gave up and all took our hands off. My friend went to grab the moving thing and as she picked it up my other friend screamed and then everybody started screaming, I think just because her scream scared them though. When my friend picked up the thing, my other friend noticed there was a glow in the dark arrow pointed to the word goodbye. I was a little freaked out but figured that was just some weird trick thing with the board. It wasn’t until like 20 minutes later when the front door randomly swung open that I started to get sketched out. Nobody was around it, we were all in the kitchen and it just swung open. We were all just like ‘did we awaken a ghost?’.


“I know that my friend had recently redone her house, so I feel like that means there can’t be a haunted spirit or anything from the people that lived there before. Maybe it doesn’t work like that though and it’s more based on the people rather than the place”


“I honestly have no explanation or thoughts as to why the door swung open. I don’t really get how that could happen. Like, it’s a shut door.”


“I’ve never seen her door swing open like that and I don’t remember her saying anything about it happening before.”


“I don’t necessarily think that it was a ghost, if it was that easy to call upon a spirit or something it would happen a lot more. The door thing was super weird, but I guess something could’ve just happened to the lock or something.”


My interpretation of the story:


Personally, Ouija boards to me that are sold at Target or Toys R Us are just a child’s game. I’ve seen in movies more intricate Ouija boards that involve a lot of aspects that seem as though they could work. Based on this story, I think the two events were unrelated. The door opening could simply be because it wasn’t shut all of the way and the wind opened it up. The interesting part is that over the summer in Florida, where the story takes place, it’s not very windy. With that in mind, I still do not believe that it was a ghost that was called upon by the Ouija board by the storyteller and her friends. With no known haunted background of the house or the general area and the fact that the house was redone makes me believe that it was simply just a Ouija board trick and so faulty door hinges.