“An apple a day will keep the doctor away.”

“An apple a day will keep the doctor away.”


This one was said by Caitlin, her grand mother told her this when she was young. She says her grand mother told her this to promote healthy eating. This is a very well known proverb so it’s kind of hard to find the origin. I had heard this one before as well.  I was able to fine this one on the internet as well.

“(As with many old wives’ tales it seems there is more than a grain of truth in the old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. All you have to do is make sure that the apple is included as one of the five portions of fruit and vegetables you eat each day. Five-a-day’ – a new health campaign introduced by the Department of Health – aims to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables. Increasing consumption of fruit and vegetables can significantly reduce the risk of many chronic conditions such as heart disease and some cancers including bowel cancer. Other health benefits attributed to eating ‘five-a-day’ are reducing the symptoms of asthma, improving bowel functions and delaying the development of cataracts.)”

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