I Am Not My Hair

People can be finicky about their hair. For years during high school, and for most of my freshman year of college, I refused to cut mine. Finally I did, because all that hair just became too much to handle. Sometimes I wonder how girls can constantly deal with having so much hair atop their head. It’s a lot of work to deal with. But, girls having long hair is a custom that has been around in almost all of society for as far back as we as a species even go.

Savannah has medium length hair, but that’s because she’s over 18 and her dad can’t control her decisions anymore. Her father is normally very strict in enforcing that his daughters do not cut their hair. Savannah’s younger sister, Tiffany, is 15 and still in high school, and her hair goes almost down to her knees. It’s long and curly, and very frizzy, and the pure weight of it has actually caused her sister to have a premature bald spot, but her father still doesn’t want her to cut it. He thinks girls should have long hair, and that girls with short hair “are just ugly.”

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