A Christmas Ghost

Collection: folk belief/ghost legend

A: “Have you had any weird experiences? Something out of the ordinary? Or do you know of an unusual story?”

B:“Yeah! Um… one time, my mom’s friend was putting up lights in her Christmas tree and got a feeling, and then the lights flickered. And like five seconds later, her dad called and said that her mom just died.

A: “And you said that she had a feeling?”

B: “She just got like a really weird feeling as if she knew that her mom just died. Like she knew that something was wrong with her mom, and the lights on the tree were flickering.”

Context/Interpretation: This collection implies that the informant believes in some sort of soul or being after death. Also, it’s interesting that this story took place during the Christmas season because holidays hold significance in other ways. This narrative turns the ordinary into the strange which can be a common characteristic of folklore.