A man talks to God-Joke

This joke was shared to me by the informant during the course of a conversation. She told me the also that she had heard this joke from one of her friends as well.


“So a Man talks to God, and asks him a question.

Guy: ‘So an Eternity to you passes like a second.”

God: “Yes.”

Guy: So a million dollars would just be a penny to you.”

God: “Yes”

Guy: “Could you give me a million dollars?”

God: “Sure, just give me a second.”

My analysis.:

This joke pokes fun at the things people typically ask God for, through prayer or other means. In this joke, a man’s attempt to trick God into granting his wish backfires as he is asked to wait an interminably long period of time. The joke also sounds as if it were a ¬†conversation, so the pun is not immediately obvious to the listener. The joke is intended to lead the listener in the same manner that the man is intending to lead God in conversation. It may take a second or two for the listener to get the joke, as there are some different ways the last line can be interpreted as well.