A Man Walks into a Bar Joke/Dirty Joke

Text: “Three men walk into a bar. The first one walks in and he’s got a screwdriver puncture through his tie and he walks up to the bartender. The bartender says, ‘Sir, are you aware that there’s a screwdriver punctured through your tie?” And he tells the bartender, “I know…I’m screwed.” The second man walks in and he has a nail hammered through his hand and he orders a drink. The bartender says, “Sir, are you aware that there’s a nail hammered though your hand?” And he says, “I know. I was making some touch-ups to my kitchen and I really just nailed it!” The third man walks into a bar, and he’s a pirate. The pirate walks up to the bartender and he’s got a giant, wooden pirate ship steering wheel attached to the crotch of his pants. And the bartended says, “Sir, are you aware that there’s a steering wheel attached to your crotch?” And the pirates says, “AYEE! It drives me nuts!” 

Context: S.T. first heard this joke from his uncle at a family Christmas dinner when he was young, and often hears it from his uncle, still, when his family gathers. S.T. understands it to be “a funny phallic joke that most people enjoy. It’s a bit of a pun on pirate vernacular…a play on words.” S.T. uses this joke in gatherings of close friends and family to earn a laugh.   

Analysis: This is a silly variation of the common joke type that follows the structure of “a man walks into a bar…”. It is a dirty joke that has a long lead-up to a punch line/pun that  the audience is not expecting. I believe it would be used in casual settings, among friends and family, to lighten the mood and get a laugh. This particular variation also follows the comedic rule of 3’s, as it has three of the same types of jokes (lead-up to a pun/punchline) with the third being the punchiest.