Main Piece:

Participant – “Mix apple cider vinegar and water in a little bottle… and then put it on like the little cotton pad thing and rub it on your face like a toner and it gets rid of your acne”


This was collected after the participant and I were with our friend who began complaining about her complexion, the participant offered her this piece of advice.


The participant was born and raised in Mill Valley, California and is currently a second semester freshman engineering student at the University of Southern California. This acne remedy was passes on to the participant by a friend from home.   


Acne cures are another large sector of the folk medicine category. Though many of them are not recommended by real dermatologists, they are extremely popular and often attempted anyways. These remedies can often be completely false and randomly made up by someone that ended up spreading it around, or they can occasionally have some sort of logical scientific basis.