Afterlife- A Personal Folk Story

Main Story:

“I’ve told you this story before and it really means a lot to me, I was super close with my grandfather so it makes it seem like he’s up there watching us when I think about this story. So I was at his house in Palm Desert in the room I usually stay in that has a view of the mountains in the distance. That mountain range would be impossible to hike on, no trails whatsoever and no one has ever hiked it, and none of us had ever seen anyone hike it. But that one morning I was looking out the window and saw a figure in the distance climbing up the mountain. I thought it was weird but didn’t think too much of it. Then maybe five minutes later we get a call that my grandfather had passed away. I truly think it was him making his final journey and hiking the mountains that he loved waking up to every day.”


My father had told me this story many years ago, and I had always kind of remembered it, but I asked him to retell it to me for the purpose of this project. My father loved his grandfather so much, they were best friends so when he died it was very hard on him and this story helped him get through it and believe that no one ever is fully gone but can live on through other people.


This story is so interesting to me because we really do have no idea if there is or isn’t an afterlife and how one makes the journey after death on earth. Like my father told me I believe him that it helped with the healing process and that it helped instill a belief in him and passed down to me and my siblings that people who die can live on through you. This is an oral story that can easily be passed down to my children in hopes of instilling a bit of faith in knowing that one doesn’t die for good.