Aging Joke

“There are three old golfers um just finishing their round for the day.  And uh one of them said to the other two um oh aren’t you guys um cold it’s a little windy today?  The second one said Wednesday? Today’s not Wednesday its Thursday and the third said thirsty? I am thirsty too. Why don’t we all go in and have a drink.”

The informant sees this joke as a humorous jab at aging and the effects of hearing loss and a way of coping with aging.  The informant heard this from a family friend who is sort of like another grandpa.  Hearing it come from an older person validated the notion that an older person is coping with the struggles of aging.

I agree with the informant, this joke about hearing loss adds some humor to an otherwise depressing process.  It makes sense that the informant heard this joke from an elderly person since the joke is going to be relevant to him or someone he knows.  It find it less likely to circulate in younger populations or in populations that do not working with elderly people.  The need to have a drink at the end of the punch line is probably also due to the frustrations of aging.