Angel of God, a Nightly Prayer

Angel of God, My Guardian dear, to whom God’s love, commits me here. Ever this day, be at my side. To light, and guard, to rule and guide.

The significance of this prayer and ritual was to say it before bed every night and see it when you wake up in the morning. The “reads “angel of God my Guardian dear, to whom God‘s love commits me here. Ever this day be by my side, to light and to guard to rule and to guide. “This means that you are giving thanks and acknowledging that God is your guardian, and that no matter what you are loved by God and respecting him. It is also saying that no matter what God will be with you to help you and guide you throughout your journey of life. My friends grandmother made her a pillow that has this prayer written on it, to remind her about her faith every day. While this is said in church and as a mantra, she grew up saying that every day before bed and reading it in the morning when she woke up. It serves as a reminder that if all else fails you can have faith in God to help you get through whatever hardship you are going through.