Armenian Proverb about Judgement

Մի՛ հաշվեք շնորհալի ձիու ատամները

Transliteration: Mi՛ hashvek’ shnorhali dziu atamnery

Translation: Don’t count the teeth of a horse that is gifted

Explanation: Do not judge gifts you recieve by it’s price, quality, brand, etc. Just appreciate that someone was nice.

Background Information: Common Armenian proverb used across the diaspora.

Context: The informant told me about this proverb during a video call in which I asked her to tell me about an Armenian proverb that she knows about.

Thoughts: I think this proverb is trying to say that you should not judge people or objects based on how nice you think they are. You should just appreciate without expecting greatness. I think this can show that Armenians think that materialism is not important and should not be used to judge the worth of a person.