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The First American President Was Actually Black

Main Piece: Subject: I was talking to this one guy because my grandfather wanted me to talk to him. He was involved in the Orangeburg Massacre that happened in South Carolina state in the 60’s or whatever. And then he brought back into my memory this thing- he mentioned it because he believed it… But… Continue Reading »

The Unlucky Number Thirteen

Main Piece:  Subject: So Grandma Gordon was a very superstitious woman. She believed in many of the superstitions that have been passed along from the “Old Country” and carried forth through generations. Interviewer: The Old Country? That would be Russia? Subject: Yeah Russia. That’s probably ultimately where it came from. People really believed in a… Continue Reading »

Lizzie Borden – Nursery Rhyme

Main Piece: Subject: I grew up in the town next to Lizzie Borden… where Lizzie Borden was. Lizzie Borden was from Fall River and I was from Tiverton, the town over. And I can remember I took pottery classes right near Lizzie Borden’s house. We all knew the story of Lizzie Borden. That she took… Continue Reading »