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Recipe for Passover Kugel

Ingredients: –  Can of Peaches – Cinnamon – Eggs (however you like them) -Matzoh Bread   Steps: D.F. – “So this is the recipe for passover Kugel.  And uh, this is different from regular kugel, because regular kugel has leavened noodles in it, and that’s a no-no for passover. So: Instead of using noodles, you use… Continue Reading »

Jewish-American Thanksgiving

D.F. – “Every year, my family and I go to my Grandfather’s house in Oceanside CA for thanksgiving.  And during the beginning of that week, my Aunt and her family fly in from MN to start cooking.  That’s usually a Monday or a Tuesday.  They start preparing that early.  Sometimes we come Wednesday night before… Continue Reading »

Turkish Wedding Customs: Coffee

P.N. – “When Turkish girls are old enough to make a good Turkish coffee, a joke is made in the family that they are now ready to be married off.” What happens during a traditional Turkish engagement ceremony? P.N. – “In the actual engagement ceremony, the groom’s family sits in the living room while the… Continue Reading »