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Chinese Proverbs

Piece: When I was a small, my parents made me memorize some classic proverbs: Men, at their birth, are naturally good Their Natures are the same; their habits become widely different “What do they mean to you?” hmmm. I think there was a very high value on education and being conscious of my surroundings. I… Continue Reading »

Noob Origins

Piece: N00b and nub are corruptions of “noob”, itself a corruption of “newb”, short for “newbie”. “Newbie” was in use at least as far back as the BBS era of the 1980s and early 1990s, where it referred to a user who was new to BBSs. It was less of an insult and more friendly… Continue Reading »

New Zealand Slang

Piece: “Do you have any slang in New Zealand that you don’t hear here at all?” Oh yeah, we have lots. Togs – swimsuits (apparently the old english form for swimsuit) Jandals – flipflops Motorway – freeway Cuzzie – friends Scarfies – people from Dunedien Jafa – (Just another fucking Aucklander) People from Auckland Stubbies… Continue Reading »

How the Kiwi Lost It’s Wings

Piece: How the Kiwi Lost It’s Wings One day Tanemahuta, the god of the forest, rounds up all of the birds and says that there are too many bugs on the floor of the forest eating the trees. If one of the birds doesn’t go down to eat all of the bugs, the trees will… Continue Reading »