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Knocking on Wood

Main Content: M= Me, I= Informant M: So you said you grew up with a lot of fairy folklore? I:  Yeah, um, you know like the knock on wood, that’s the most common one. M: so what’s… what’s the background behind that? What happens if you don’t knock on wood? You know, why is it knock… Continue Reading »

Throwing Candy After the Torah Portion in Bat/Bar Mitzvahs

Main Content: M: Me, I: Informant I: Oh I just remembered another one. The traditions I was most excited for when I got bat mitzvahed is like after you finish your Torah portion I think or half Torah portion, um everyone in the synagogue has a piece of candy and they throw it at ya…. Continue Reading »

Find a Penny, Pick It Up and All Day You’ll Have Good Luck

Main Content: M: Me I: Informant I: It’s like Find a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck. Is that like folklore? M: Yup that’s good! I: I did that constantly. M: Now was that something that you learned from other kids or did that come from um your family? I:… Continue Reading »

Praying to Saint Anthony

Main Content: Praying to Deceased Saints I: Informant, M: Me I: I’m Catholic and a lot of people pray to Saint Anthony when they lose something. Context: My informant learned this through her congregation and while she does not regularly pray to Saint Anthony or any deceased saints in particular, she says it is very… Continue Reading »