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Golf Joke

Folklore Piece 17:   Main Piece: Joke   My mom is a big golfer, and finds golf humor hilarious:   “George was just returning home from his weekly game of golf. When he stepped inside, his wife asked him how the round went. ‘It wasn’t great today,’ George said, ‘On the first tee, Frank dropped… Continue Reading »

French Hunting Tradition

Main Piece: French Hunting Tradition   This tradition was told to me by my high school friend Mika:   “In France, white boars are very prevalent and hunting them is a big recreational pass time there. My uncle used to go on hunting trips where they would round up all of the 20 year olds… Continue Reading »

Finnish Tradition

Main Piece: Finnish Tradition   Told to me by my high school friend Mika, about his Finnish grandmother:   “On Christmas before dinner Mummi(his grandmother) would sneak off into the forests near their house with her brothers and sisters to go pick wild boysenberries, and explore in the forest. After picking berries and bringing them… Continue Reading »