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CRC “Radiothon”

My friend lives in the Communications Residential College at Northwestern University.  This residential college houses communications freshmen and sophomores.  Every year the CRC would host a Radiothon and ask for pledges to donate to the American Heart Association.  The tradition was started in dedication to a student who lived in the dorm and died of… Continue Reading »


My friend is currently a freshman at Northwestern University.  She is majoring in journalism, so she lives in the CRC (Communications Residential College) at the university.  The CRC primarily consists of freshman and sophomore communications majors. Every year, the sophomores in CRC start hyping up an event called Panquake.  They usually do this a few… Continue Reading »


My sister told me that when she was young she played a game called MASH.  The game involves two people and requires a sheet of paper.  One person (who acts as a fortune-teller) sets up the sheet with the letters MASH on top.  M stands for Mansion, A stands for Apartment, S stands for Shack,… Continue Reading »

Lana sube, lana baja, el senor que la trabaja

“Lana sube, lana baja, el senor que la trabaja” Translated: “Money rises, money falls, for the person who deals with money” My friend heard this riddle from his grandmother on his mother’s side.  It is a riddle that is typically posed as a question, so the performer would add “Que es?”  at the end. The… Continue Reading »