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Turtlenecks and surfer culture don’t mix.

MH is a third-generation Irish-American originally from Battle Creek, MI, who relocated to Santa Barbara, CA in high school. MH had a tough adjustment period when he moved out West: “My sophomore year our family left the Midwest and moved to Santa Barbara, and my brothers and I had to start a new high school… Continue Reading »

Nosebleed-nosebleed seats

JH is a high school senior living in Pasadena, CA. JH told me about a major perk of living above a large concert venue: “Generally living above the Rose Bowl can be a huge pain in the ass – New Years is a huge production, and there’s traffic every weekend during the college football season when… Continue Reading »

Kicking the lamppost on gameday

DK is a junior at the University of Southern California, and is originally from Denver, CO. DK had some more USC folklore to share with me: “Football season is a huge production at USC, and probably the most obvious time when the whole school gets together…on gamedays, everyone usually tailgates on campus, setting up tents… Continue Reading »

Soda tab games

DK is a junior at the University of Southern California, originally from Denver, CO. DK shared stories with me about folklore at her school in Denver: “I remember the biggest thing in middle school was getting to drink soda at lunch. They sold cans in the cafeteria of like, Sprite and Coke, and sometimes Dr. Pepper,… Continue Reading »