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Cookie Rudolph

The informant related a holiday tradition. Around Christmas time, the informant would make a family cookie recipe (itself not folklore since it has been written down for many years). However, the tradition of making the cookies is folklore. One year, she was inspired by watching the annual broadcast of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to make the… Continue Reading »

Constant Drip

The informant is recounting a Chinese proverb from home. He does not remember where he heard it. “Constant dripping wears away the stone.” He interprets this to emphasize the importance of perseverance.   That this is a widespread proverb interesting is interesting due to the connection to the popular legend of Chinese water torture. As… Continue Reading »

Teapot Orientation

The informant is recounting a folk practice/superstition she learned while at a restaurant with a Chinese friend. “It’s considered bad luck to have the teapot pointing at you.” She doesn’t know why her friend believes this and does not believe it herself, though her best guess is just so that if it spilled, it would… Continue Reading »