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The Church on the Hill

The following are the informant’s exact words: “This is a story that my grandmother tells. It’s a pretty popular story, umm… that involves that… Juan Diego, a young man’s name… a peasant and a Mexican. And when she tells it, it is that he is walking one day, uhh… and the Virgen di Guadalupe appeared… Continue Reading »

Queso Hand Trick

“So you write ‘Queso’ on your fingertips (Q-thumb, U-index finger, E-middle finger, S-ring finger, O-pinky). And then you would say, ‘Que’ (put down the ring finger and pinky) ‘Es’ (put down the thumb, index finger, pinky) ‘Eso?’ (put down the thumb and index finger) ‘Eso’ (put down thumb and index finger) ‘Es’ (put down thumb,… Continue Reading »

Simon Dice

“One person says things and the other people have to do them or they lose”. Simon Dice is a Spanish name for Simon Says, a game that kids usually play among themselves. One person is the leader, called “Simon”, and they give commands such as, “Stand on one foot” or “Clap your hands”. These commands are preceded… Continue Reading »


Pepito is a character that shows up, or is the subject, in many Mexican jokes. He is a little child who is always getting into trouble. An example of a joke with Pepito from the informant (a rough translation): Pepito’s mom comes home after a long day at work and asks Pepito, “What are you… Continue Reading »