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Italian–American Proverb about Age

Main Piece “I was where you are, and you’ll be where I am.” For a similarly worded proverb with a different usage, see Frederick Hartt. Italian Renaissance Art, Third Edition, 1987, published by Harry N. Abrams, pp 203-4. Background Informant Nationality: Italian–American Location: Staten Island, New York Language: English, Italian The informant learned the above… Continue Reading »

Pre–Show Improv Game

Main Piece Before improv shows, the informant and her improv group play a game where the actors all yell “Give me back my son!” at each other, while trying not to laugh. While it is a game and in some sense a competition, the ultimate goal is to prepare to act emotional while maintaining composure…. Continue Reading »

Greek Easter

Main Piece The informant told me about Greek Easter and its associated traditions as practiced in Northern California. Greek Easter occurs one week after regular easter, and the celebrations the informant attends are at a local park. Classical Greek dances are performed, as well as an egg cracking game. Eggs are hard boiled and dyed… Continue Reading »

Italian–American Seafood Tradition

Main Piece The informant goes crabbing with her extended family for one entire day each year. They always go in August, because that is when the season is best. The crabs and other fish that are caught are frozen and subsequently eaten in a seafood feast on Christmas Eve. Background Informant Nationality: Italian–American Location the… Continue Reading »