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Proverb – USA

“If you cannot stand the heat, stay out the kitchen” Anthony told me that he learned this proverb while camping with a friend who lived in Van Nuys. He said he was around 8years old when he first heard it. My first time hearing it, Anthony said, I literally thought they were telling someone to… Continue Reading »

Legend – Hawaii

Maui Legend “Why we have summer and winter” Like the other Maui legend “how Hawaii Mountains were formed”, Ryan told me that he learned this legend at age five while living in Hawaii. He told me that he still heard it told around Hawaii although with several variations from his own account. The legend goes… Continue Reading »

Ritual – Uganda

Baganda Introduction Virginity Test ritual Betty told me that the Baganda have a special ritual that they perform on every introduction ceremony. She said that before the wedding, the bride has to traditionally introduce her groom to her family.  The introduction ceremony is a big occasion, which involves numerous ritual performances. Exchanging gifts like cows,… Continue Reading »