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Mazel Tov! You’re Married!

Piece: Interviewer: “Did you incorporate any like folk traditions into your wedding?” B.F.: “Yeah. We did the traditional breaking of the glass.” Interviewer: “Can you expand, please?” B.F.: “So, um, at the end of the ceremony the groom stomps on a glass and everyone shouts ‘Mazel Tov’ (which means congratulations in Hebrew). My parents did… Continue Reading »

Don’t Get the Cheese Touch

Piece: Interviewer: “What about games? Any you remember from childhood? L.F.: “Lemme think…. Oh yeah haha the cheese touch.” Interviewer: “What is the cheese touch?” L.F.: “It was kinda like the elementary school bully version of tag. Basically when someone had the “cheese touch” no one would speak to them out of the fear of… Continue Reading »

Stomach Ache? Try a Needle in the Thumb

Piece: Interviewer: “Do you know any folk medicine?” R.B.: “…oh my god… actually yeah. My mom used to tell me if my stomach hurt to stick a needle in my thumb and the it will go away.” Interviewer: “R.B, what that makes no sense… did it work?” R.B.: “… I mean I guess. It lets… Continue Reading »