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Overturned Footwear

Piece One of the  most prevalent superstitions growing up in an Indian household was the belief that if your shoes or footwear was overturned, then it was said to cause fights- give off negative energies in the house. So you’re never supposed to- you’re supposed to flip the footwear so that the underside is facing… Continue Reading »

Ram and the berries

Piece     On one day of Ram’s exile, he was approached by a woman who was a big devotee of him. She has a beautiful- you know- pure love for him because he had this persona of a warm, loving, kind, wonderful person.      So… what she did is… she told Ram that she wanted… Continue Reading »

Til gul gya, goad bola on Sankrati

Piece Original script (if applicable) तील गूळ ग्या, गोड बोला Phonetic (Roman) script Til gool gya, goad bola Transliteration Sesame jaggery get, sweet talk. Full translation Eat sesame jaggery candy and talk sweetly. Background This is a Marathi phrase that is said on a holiday called Sankranti. It is spoken to everyone on this day… Continue Reading »

Recipe for Channa Masala

Piece Channa Masala 450 gms tinned, cooked channa or 2 cups of channa soaked in water overnight. Cook in 4 cups of water and salt to ½ teaspoon Salt For approximately 3 – 3.5 cups cooked channa 1 small onion chopped ¼ teaspoon ginger  ¼ teaspoon garlic  Grind all the above three ingredients to a… Continue Reading »