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Vick’s Vapor Rub Cold Remedy

One thing is you put Vick’s vapor rub on your socks and feet. It’s supposed to help clear up congestion. I heard about it when my daughter was a baby, because I couldn’t give her cold medicine. You’re supposed to put menthol on their feet with socks on, because you can’t put it on their chest.

I had not heard of this, but this sounds like folklore that would be shared more with new parents or babysitters.

Cinnamon and Honey Cold Remedy

Cinnamon and honey, eat it with a spoon and it’s supposed to sooth your throat and help you stop coughing. My niece was coughing all the way to school once, and I just gave her a dixie cup of honey and cinnamon and she stopped coughing. And it tastes really good too.

I’ve heard of this before, though I can’t recall where. I haven’t personally had much luck with it, but I can vouch for it tasting very good.

Train Letters

Train letters. Basically letters that you write to your friends. Historically it would be you write this letter, and then your friend or you lover on the train ride back—but on the ride back from camp. I wrote several for my cabin mates.

I had never heard of this practice before, but it seems cute and thoughtful. I like the historical tie-in, and how it no longer has anything to do with trains but it’s still called such.

Parody of Happy Birthday song

Happy birthday to me

I’m a hundred and three

I still go to pre-school

And miss my mommy.

My mommy’s at work

She thinks I’m a jerk

And I told the teacher

The dog ate my work


She heard it from multiple friends at school, during another classmate’s birthday party and after they sang the traditional Happy Birthday song. She likes it because she thought it was funny, and it was fun to try adding on new lines with her friends.

I have never heard of this song before, though I remember hearing lots of parodies and variations of the Happy Birthday song while growing up. It’s such a prominent song in kids’ lives, with the childhood importance of growing older, so it makes sense that new variations are still happening today.

Two Olives

So like, there’s two olives on the table. And one rolled off the table. And the other olive rolled closer to the table and said, “Are you okay?” and the other olive said, “Olive!” (pronounced like “I’ll live”).

She was told this joke by her dad, who she believes heard it told to him when he was younger.

This is a cute wordplay joke that I think I’ve heard before.