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Myth – Hindu

On a certain day in the Hindu calendar, which usually falls in October, you are not supposed to look at the moon for the entire night. If you do look at the moon you will receive bad blessings. The only way to get rid of these bad blessings is to if another person tells you […]

Joke – Scotland

At a restaurant an old Scottish man looked at the waitress and said: “I have a story to tell you about my Scottish friend.  He went to a restaurant and ordered soup. When the soup came the man immediately called over the waiter and said: “Waiter, there is a fly in my soup!”  Immediately the […]

Recipe – Swedish

SWEDISH RYE BREAD 2 pkgs. Dry yeast ¼ c. very warm water 1 t. cugar 1 c. milk, scalded    2 t. anise seed, pounded 1 c. water     3 c. light rye flour ½ stick margarine    2 t. salt ½ c. molasses     yeast ¼ c. light brown sugar    4 c. white flour Dissolve yeast in water and sugar. Scald milk, add […]

Folk Ceremony – Hindu

The Hindu ceremony known as Upanayanam, is performed as a coming of age ceremony only for boys that traditionally relates to the time in India when children were sent to school to learn with a Spiritual Master. With the Spiritual Master they learn the arts, sciences, math, mental strength etc. A priest and family members […]

Superstition – Oahu, Hawaii

On the island of Oahu in Hawaii there is a curse that comes upon anyone who brings pork with them on the Pali road at midnight. If they do it is said something bad will happen, such as your car stalling out or angry spirits coming to taunt you. The Old Pali road connects Waikiki […]