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ABOUT THE INFORMANT: My informant is a senior graduating this semester from USC. He is a biomedical engineer, and is the oldest son of two immigrants from China. EXAMPLE: CONTEXT/BACKGROUND: “I found this thing, well actually, my buddy sent it over to me because he is the one who always spends his time on… Continue Reading »


EXAMPLE: Interviewee: Growing up, we kind of lived in I guess sketchier areas or whatever. Interviewer: Okay. Interviewee: But I kind of miss it because the corn man would come by. Interviewer: The corn man? Interviewee: Yeah. Well there were like pretty much only Mexicans where we were. So the corn man was the old… Continue Reading »

Mexican-American Christmas Eve

EXAMPLE: ANALYSIS: My informant tells me that despite her ethnicity, she does definitely not associate herself as being culturally Mexican. It is telling then that despite these claims, the part that she associates with the most in this tradition are the Mexican foods and treats that her family indulges in. Clearly tamales, Mexican chocolate, and… Continue Reading »