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Chinese Changzhou Combs

Interview Extraction: Informant: “There’s this special brush, or comb I guess is more accurate, that girls get when they graduate high school, or any sort of graduation beyond that, although I think is mostly for high school. But the comb is supposed to be meaningful and it’s made out of this special wood, and you’re… Continue Reading »

Chinese Eye Twitching Superstition

Interview Extraction: Informant: “There’s a belief that if your left eye is twitching, then that’s good, like good luck, and if your right eye is twitching, then that’s bad. I think in other cultures, like in India, it depends if you’re a boy or a girl, like for guys, if your left eye twitches, then… Continue Reading »

Take From Life with the Small Spoon, not with the Ladle

Proverb: “Греби от зивота с малката лажичка, а не с черпака” Transliteration: Grebi ot zivota c malkata lazichka, a ne c cherpaka. Literal translation: Take from life with the small spoon, not with the ladle. Meaning: Don’t do so much at once that you can’t enjoy the sweetness of life. Analysis: This is a Bulgarian… Continue Reading »

You Only Know a Person After You’ve Eaten Through a Whole Sack of Salt with Him

Proverb: Само знаеш човек след като си изял цял чувал сол с него. Transliteration: Znaesh chovek camo cled kato ci izyal cial chuval ot col c nego. Literal Translation: You only know a person after you’ve eaten through a whole sack of salt with him. Meaning: It takes time to really know get to know… Continue Reading »

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves

Proverb: Помогни си сам да ти помогне и Господ. Transliteration: Pomogni ci cam da ti pomogne i Gospod. Literal Translation: Help yourself so that God may help you too. Meaning: God helps those who help themselves. Analysis: This proverb urges people to act as well as to have faith in God. Not many things can… Continue Reading »