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Naval Academy Wedding Tradition

Main Piece: Informant: When a newly-married couple is walking out of the chapel for the first time they walk through two columns of Midshipmen holding their sabre’s up high. The lines are made up of members of the wedding party and officers in attendance. It’s four on each side of the two rows. The first… Continue Reading »

Call a Wambulance

Main Piece: “You better call a Wambulance” Translation: Don’t complain about pain unless you want to go to the hospital Background: The informant is a senior here at USC. He is my next door neighbor and we conducted this interview in person at his apartment. He is from Manhattan Beach and has lived there for… Continue Reading »

Apples & Honey on Rosh Hashanah

Main Piece: Informant: You have supposed to dip a slice of apple in some honey and eat it. It’s supposed to guarantee that you have a sweet year. Interviewer: Do you remember when you learned about this? Informant: It’s always been in my life. It’s not specific to our family, It’s a Jewish thing. Remember… Continue Reading »