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“La famiglia è la patria del cuore”

Main Piece: Proverb  “La famiglia è la patria del cuore” Translation: “The family is the home of the heart” Background info:  Informant is Italian American with family from Italy who use Italian proverbs. She learned while spending time with her grandmother who would often say it when she was pleased that she could spend time with… Continue Reading »

“Salud Chindon”

Main piece: Proverb “Salud Chindon” Translation: “Good health for a hundred years” Background Information: Why does the informant know this piece? Her family is Italian American and uses this proverb. Where did the informant learn this piece? She learned it from her family who uses the proverb when drinking or making toasts. What does it… Continue Reading »

Blue Ceilings

Interviewer: Could you tell me about a superstition you have learned from your family in Alabama? AC: Yes, one in particular that my family took and uses is we have our ceilings in our rooms painted blue.  Interviewer: What’s the reasoning for that? AC: The superstition behind it is that people believe that if your… Continue Reading »