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Monday Happy Hour

Context: Will Lord is my brother. I visited him at his University recently. He attends the University of the South, also known as Sewanee. Given its regal name, one would assume that the school is rich in tradition and folklore. One would be correct. The school was established in 1857. Given its small student body,… Continue Reading »

Cooties in New York

Context: Madeleine Hall was raised in New York City. In a hyper urban city like that, I wondered if she had any experiences with cooties. For me, cooties were associated with playgrounds and fields and wide open spaces–my memories being children chasing each other around. Transcript: Owen: Do you have any memories of cooties as… Continue Reading »

Bikes in Traffic–Biking Customs

Context: Madeleine is a sophomore at USC. She recently bought a bike, and in addition to riding it to class, had been going on trips all over East Los Angeles. Since biking downtown is especially dangerous, she observed the unofficial codes and movements of more experienced bikers to navigate the streets. Transcript: Madeleine: Maddy Hall,… Continue Reading »