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T Junction Spirit Pathways

“So you remember Papa’s (your grandfather’s) house right? Papa lived right where the road should keep on going, but it doesn’t because it is a T junction, you know, even like Aunty Piak’s house where the road is coming to an end. Anyway he…well, we lived in the house right where, at the T junction,… Continue Reading »

La Llorona

“La Llorona is the story of a mom whose kids died… and I think it’s like her kids died, and she sent them down the river and was crying and killed herself because her kids died … and like her spirit resides by that riverbank in Mexico and apparently people can hear her cries, and… Continue Reading »

Dog Lifts his Tail

There is a Thai proverb, which, loosely translated to English is, “When the dog shits, the dog has to lift its own tail up, nobody lifts his tail.” This basically means being independent and doing your own thing. You must help yourself. You have to do things yourself. Nobody will do it for you.


“Oh my god guys no this was like actually so scary. Okay I was like eleven years old… how old are you when you’re in sixth grade? I was at sleepwaway camp in the middle of bumfuck West Virginia. One rainy day me and my friend were looking for board games to bring back to… Continue Reading »

Allagash River

“What happened… so I’m a camp counselor at a campsite along the Allagash River, its in the Maine forest… so um… its mostly… the campsites are enclosed by streams, and this is the only one that is completely open. So I guess the story is that these two men…they went to sleep in their tents,… Continue Reading »