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Xuanzang and Journey to the West

Item: “I remember my grandma always talking about some Chinese monk and I never really pieced together until like… until I was much older that the show I watched was exactly that.” The legend of Xuanzang, a Chinese buddhist monk who traveled from China to India on a pilgrimage, lead to many stories, authored works,… Continue Reading »

Herbal Drug Reinforcement

Item: Me: “Wait you seriously don’t take Advil or Motrin or anything?” Informant: “No not that I know of haha. I drink really bad tasting herbal concoctions instead.” The informant grew up with her parents telling her the story of Shennong, who was once a ruler of China. He extremely influential in Chinese agriculture, and… Continue Reading »

Finding Megalodon

Item: “The lengths people were going to to try to find this thing were so extensive, I didn’t even bother trying to look since I felt like there wouldn’t be a chance I’d find it.” In Dice Entertainment’s recently released video game, Battlefield 4, there was rumor of a secret hidden somewhere in it that… Continue Reading »

Trick or Drink

Item: “Eventually it got super boring and some dad drank too much and they had to take care of him, so we left.” The informant’s hometown had a tradition on Halloween catered toward fathers in the neighborhood. Mothers would typically stay home, passing out candy to kids, while fathers would take the children out for… Continue Reading »