Ava in the Civil War

Informant: My grandmother told this story of the town she was born and raised in, and still lives today. She laughed through this whole story. She does not know how true it is, but she says it makes sense because the town straddled both sides during the Civil War.

Original Script: “Well I guess the most celebrated general from the Civil War is General Logan, you know the school’s named after him and the parks and… well. The story is, he tried to form a company from scratch to fight for the south, but he couldn’t get enough people to join. So he formed a company to fight for the north instead!”

Context of Performance: She told me and my sisters over breakfast one morning.

Thoughts about the Piece: This is a funny antidote describing the role a tiny town like Ava played during the war. I like hearing about the role such a rural, midwest area would have in the war between the states.