Barrel and Wine Proverb

Subject: Proverb

Informant: Guido was born in Rome, Italy in a traditional Italian family. He currently studies business in California and plays rugby for his college team.

Original Script: La botte vecchia fa il vino buono / The old barrel makes the good wine.

Background information by informant: It describes the respect and regard that Italians have for not only old material items, but also for their elders. The culture understands that as you age, you gain valuable knowledge and experience that you continue to carry with you.

Context of performance: It proverb comes through in the manner that most Italians pay a lot of respect to their elders throughout their day to day.

Thoughts: A proverb can be a lot more than simply a short saying. It can allude to the manner in which a culture interacts with each other and what they attribute value too. Additionally, it also influences later generations to value similar things.