Big Eared People will be wealthiest and smartest

When I was younger and didn’t completely grow into my body yet everyone teased me for the size of my ears. Family members didn’t mean it with malicious intentions but they couldn’t believe the size of my ears. Sometimes the teasing would be too much and it would make me upset because I didn’t know how to respond to my ears being large. One day I had enough and I began to cry in my room because everyone was commenting on my large ears. My aunt then came into my room and told me to not listen to them and people who tease others are insecure about themselves. She told me that if you had big ears it meant you were one of the smartest and would be very wealthy. I didn’t believe her at first until when everyone would make fun of me I would tell them that big ears meant I would be rich and people wouldn’t bother me as much because I made my ears into a positive thing.

Informant: The informant for this was my youngest brother Zachary, who is currently seventeen years old. When he was told the story we were in Long Beach Island, New Jersey and he was under ten years old. Zach didn’t like getting picked on for the size of his ears.

Analysis: My Aunt Bianca was able to give my little brother great advice that day. She implied that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you and it is important to be secure with yourself. This comeback/joke Zach was told still resonates with him today. He still uses this joke that my aunt taught him. Folk like this is a great way to help children get through their childhood. With children being extremely mean to each other these days and bullies ravaging through schools it is important to know how to protect your body and feelings.