Big Foot

“Ah the legend of Big Foot.  Big foot’s habitat is forest region north of the 55th parallel in North America.  This animal is a cross between a human, a bear, and a gorilla… possesses enormous strength and is shy around humans and does not wish to be seen.  Big foot is primarily a vegetarian but in times of need he can be carnivorous.  The big foots are both genders but the males are more vicious.  I think we need to recognize the big foot species as an endangered species. Global warming is endangering its habitat.”
This informant stated that he believes in big foot and that he heard the legend from an attorney friend of his.  He shows great concern for the habitat of the big foot species and believes that man is ruining its environment.  He is unsure how the story of big foot came about or what the significance of this story is, although he is sure the animal would be possible to train if we ever caged one.

Since this story was shared between lawyers, perhaps the note that humans are ruining the animal’s environment is an oicotype specific to lawyers.  Perhaps the friend was an environmental lawyer who sees things from an endangered species perspective.  This story could be a lesson that humans need to be more environmentally conscience so that we can keep seemingly mythical creatures around.  This story makes the big foot seem more docile than other versions since it says that the animal is shy and mostly vegetarian, making it out to be more of a victim in the story.  However, although the story states that it resides in North America, its description includes a gorilla which is definitely not native to that region.  Perhaps the lawyer friend heard this story from someone in Africa and the description of big foot took on part of other culture.