Bird Poop

“Break a mirror it’s seven years bad luck but if you get shit on by a bird it’s seven years good luck.”

My friend made this comment when watching a television program where the actress broke a mirror and they referenced the first part of the saying.  I had never heard of the second addition to the superstition so I asked her to explain,
“Umm my family friends told me that. Ummm Mallory’s mom told me when Mallory got pooped on by a bird at camp.
Because well I don’t think it’s true. I’ll tell you why… because my friend got shit on by a bird once, and got shit on by another bird a year later.”
When questioned if that friend is extra lucky she responded:
“Umm now that you mention it I’m not really sure. Perhaps the heavens are smiling down on you.  But umm…bird poop doesn’t seem too lucky to me.”

Further pondering of the topic, I recall hearing that bird droppings are for good luck, wealth, and prosperity.  It could be related to the odds of such an event happening to you.  I have also heard that statistically, a bird pooping on your head is equal to one winning the lottery.  So I suppose if you are lucky enough to win the bird excretion lottery, you have the same ‘lucky’ chances at winning the money lottery.