Birthday Noodles


“On your birthday you are supposed to eat noodles.  Really long, long noodles.  You almost choked on them.”



My mother told me this custom was passed through the family that was told to her by her family.  According to the folk lore, long noodles were indications of a person’s life span, therefore on the celebration of a birthday, the eating of long noodles represents the wish for the individual’s life to be long and prosperous.  While many no longer believe in the folklore anymore, the symbolism behind this custom becomes a wish of good health and prosperity.


While I distinctly remember that I actually choked on the noodles in this particular event, the retelling of this custom reminded me of the memories from the past.  It is interesting to see how superstitions and folklore can transform to represent something different.  In this example, it becomes a form of tradition that means wishes for a long life.