BMW Joke

Type: Joke

  1. “What is the difference between a BMW and a porcupine? Porcupines have pricks on the outside.”
  2. I obtained this piece of folklore from my older brother, Noah. Noah is three years older than me, and he is incredibly passionate about cars. His collective knowledge of cars is immense, and he spends a significant amount of time devoted to his interest in cars. Noah told me he heard this joke from his friends, who also care deeply about cars, none of whom own BMWs (which is important to note). To him, the joke is accurate, honest, and quite funny.
  3. The joke’s humor lies in the fact that BMW owners are notoriously known for being rude, jerks, and wild drivers (at least where we are both from, being California). The joke is usually told to people who do not drive BMWs, and even more so people who have a distain for BMW drivers.
  4. I love this joke, I think it is accurate and it is honest. Unlike many of the other folklore I collected, this joke is modern; if it was told 200 years ago, it would not make any sense. It would not have meaning if it were told anytime other than in the present. I also don’t know how long the common belief that “BMW drivers are jerks” has been circulating through American culture (at least). I’m wondering if in other countries people would laugh at this joke, or if they would not understand it at all. I am not sure if this is a Californian joke only or if it can even be applied to other states.