Brazilian Proverb

Informant-Beatriz Jacobs: My roommate, Beatriz Jacobs who is originally from Brazil and lives there with her family. This proverb is very important to her and I learned about it from her while interviewing her in person.


“Antes Tarde Do Que Numca” translated to “Better late than never”

Explanation: “This is a very applicable to Brazilian culture because we are known for being late. We will never ever come on time. When I go to meet up with my friend we know that we are going to be at least an hour late. It’s commonly accepted and not considered rude like America. I love this proverb because it really explains our culture. We will never leave you hanging, we will always be there, but we will be late. An example is clubs, no one goes when they open they at least go two hours later so if a club opens at 11pm people go at 1am.”


Thoughts: I find this funny because my roommate is always late but this explains a lot! I love that this piece is a symbol of a cultural attribute of Brazil and it is definitely not a positive thing in America but there it makes sense.