Breaking a plate superstition

“When you break a plate while washing dishes, you must call a loved one to make sure they are safe”

My mother told me this one awhile back when I first started driving. I was driving home from school one day and my mom called me to ask if I was okay and instructed me to be extra careful on the freeway. I asked her what was the matter and she explained that she broke a plate while doing the dishes. I’ve heard the superstition about “broken mirrors” but never this one. She explained that in Korea it is a well-known tradition that if one breaks a plate or dish, they must immediately call their loved ones and inform them to be more careful since the broken plate is a bad omen.


To me personally, any superstition involving broken mirrors, cups, or plates appears rather paranoid. But I know many Korean mothers who support the superstition strongly. I think the broken plate symbolizes a break in harmony to the well-being of the household and everyone connected to it.