Brick Wall Waterfall

My informant is a 20-year-old College Student. She has a predominantly Polish heritage.

My informant gave me a children’s song that she remembers very vividly from when she was very young. The song goes as follows:

“Brick wall waterfall (insert person’s name) thinks he/she knows it all,
but you don’t and I do, so poof with that attitude. No peace punch captain crunch I got something that you can’t touch, bing bang choo choo train wind me up and I’ll do my thang, no Reese’s Pieces seven up, mess with me and I will mess you up”

Informant: “Kids would chant this on the playground if someone was being mean or annoying to them. It’s what they would say as like a sassy remark. As someone who got made fun of a lot I would use this quite often because I was too scared to try to be clever so it was my go-to response”

Analysis: This piece is interesting because it shows how children in their youth deal with such instances like being made fun of. In order to combat these mean kids, my informant had learned this “defense song”. A few interesting things about this song are that the song reflects someone who is strong willed. They portray themselves as someone who will “mess you up” if they overstep their boundaries. At the same time there are multiple references to popular culture like seven up and Reese’s Pieces.