Bubble Gum

The informant is my father who has always grown up in Taiwan but came to America for grad school. Understanding both cultures, he has a very wide understanding of the traditions in our household and its practices.


When you were a child, after every sports game that you played in, we would always go watch you play. After each game, we would always go to the Japanese market near our house and would always buy you bubble gum. It was always something that you liked to do as a kid, blowing bubble gum became a habit after every game. It eventually became something you apparently needed that could calm you down when you were younger. The first time you were flying by yourself is when you were 9 years old. At the time you were not very nervous, but we prepared you a lot of bubble gum because it helped you relax when you were younger.

I guess that makes sense! That explains my weird thing I have for having to chew gum whenever I attend any type of event. Musical, sports, entertainment or even educational involved events I always have an urge to chew bubble gum, if I do not have that I usually chew on a straw. It is some kind of ritual for me to chew gum to ease my nerves. If I do not have anything to chew, I think I end up biting my own nails, which is a terrible habit.