Buddha Joke

“So this guy is terrified of flying…uuuuum really scared of flying and ummm…. one day he’s on a plane coming from ummm…. Beijing back to the United States…. he…ummmm… asks the pilot before he gets on the plane. He’s like ‘what do I do if the plane’s crashing’ and the pilot is like ‘jump off and pray to Buddha’ and the guy is like ‘Alright fine, I’ll jump off and pray to Buddha if it…starts crashing’ so…ummmm… he is on the plane and suddenly the plane starts going haywire. it’s gonna crash and the guy is like ‘oh no, what’s gonna happen’ and he then remembers what the pilot said and he…jumps off the plane and starts praying to Buddha. he starts going ‘oh god Buddha, please save me, please save me’ and then….suddenly a huge hand comes up….out from the sky and grabs the man and he is saved. and he gets safely put down on the ground. everything is fine. and the man is like ‘aw man thank god’ and then buddha’s hand smashes the man…I didn’t tell the joke very well but…”

This joke seems to not be based on any malice towards any religion but rather be about religion in general. The point of the joke is that when we refer to God in our everyday colloquialism we are talking about the Judeo-Christian god and buddha obviously not having the credit for it is angry at the man. The joke is seems to not really reflect any culture in that sense. Also the joke is much funnier to hear in person as the teller of the joke mimes Buddha’s hand saving the innocent man and later crushing him to death.