Example of a stack of Buneulo

Example of a stack of Buneulo

This item of folklore was shared to me by my grandmother, as she recalled traditions that she used to share with her family when she was young. This particular item is a dessert she used to bake during christmas at the farm..


“During Christmas time at the farm, we would make this special dessert, called a Bunuelo. Its a pastry made of flattened dough, with brown sugar and cinnamon on top. They would make them by hand at home, with the help of the whole family. It was only made during christmas time, in their house. This dessert was not only consumed by them, but also shared with neighbors.”




My analysis:

As this dessert has its origins in Mexican culture, I would say that the annual rite of creating this dish is an infusion of hispanic heritage into the holiday. There may have been obvious attempts to create bonds through this dish, both in the communal creation of the dish, and also by the sharing of the dish with neighbors. The creation of the dish by hand also possibly indicated a variation on recipes or a particular family recipe. although this may be lost to time.