Camp Song

Well I walked around the corner and I walked around the block,

And I walked right into a bakery shop,

And I picked up a doughnut, and wiped of the grease,

And I handed the lady a five cent piece

Well she looked at the doughnut and she looked at me

And she said this doughnut is no good to me

There’s a hole in the middle I can see right through

Well I said there’s a hole in the doughnut too

Thanks for the doughnut

Bye now!

This is a camp song that Lauren learned at a sleep away camp that she attended every summer. All the campers came to learn this song. It is meant to be sung extremely quickly. It follows an AB AB rhyme scheme which allows it to be read with increased speed. It flows very well and the rhyme scheme also aids in learning the song. The words are basic are there are not too many syllables in each word as the song is meant to be simple and straightforward. It is meant to be sung by campers of all ages and is usually sung when the entire camp gathers together such as after meals in the dining hall.

Singing the songs is one of Lauren’s favorite parts to camp and it is one camp tradition that never changes. The same songs are sung each year and it has become a part of camp that many campers look forward to. Although this particular song has no specific relevance to her, it is just something that she enjoys singing.

After she sang this song to me I tried to analyze the words in search for a deeper meaning to this song. Although I initially thought that this song had no significance, the more I looked at these words, I came to realize something unique about this song.

Camp represents a time for a child to embrace his or her youth. Although many children do mature from being away from their families and around new people, in general camp is mostly about having fun and enjoying one’s childhood. There are no real stresses when one is away at camp. When one looks at the words of the song it clear that the person believes he or she can buy the doughnut with a coin with the center that is missing because a doughnut also has a missing center. This is a representation of a type of childhood innocence, where everything just seems simplistic and easy. The song represents the ideals that summer camp stresses; a time for innocence and lighthearted and clean fun.