Canadian Thanksgiving

My informant shared some of her family traditions on Canadian Thanksgiving. She said that her and her family celebrate it every year in honor of her grandma who is now deceased. In doing so it gets them ready for American Thanksgiving which is a month later, and gets the whole family together, often with family friends who don’t have a family to celebrate with and bring everyone together for a nice traditional meal. She said her mom makes amazing homemade carrot cake from a recipe that her grandma gave her and that they wrap pennies, quarters and dollar coins in wax paper and slip them into the cake. This is called a money cake. She said it’s always fun to see how much money everyone gets in their slice! My informant also mentioned that like American Thanksgiving, her and her family go around the table and say what they’re grateful for. Although she has siblings, she has always been the first one to state what she is grateful first, and her father is always last.