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One Legged Pig Joke

Here is a transcription of my (CB) interview with my informant (AH). AH: “So I heard this from my dad, but I don’t know where he heard it. There’s this delivery guy and he’s making his normal rounds, but he has to go out to this really rural part of town to deliver this package…. Continue Reading »

Why Do Eskimos Wash Their Clothes in Tide?

Main piece: (The following is transcribed from a conversation between the informant and interviewer.) Interviewer: Can you tell me a joke? Informant: Sure. Here’s one my mother always told me. Do you know why the Eskimos warsh their clothes in Tide? Interviewer: Why? Informant: It’s too cold out-tide. (laughs) Interviewer: (chuckles) Wow. That’s uhh… that’s… Continue Reading »

Derogatory Joke About Romani People

Main Piece: Subject: This is more of just like a classic- I think- Old man folklore. My Grandfather was basically like, “Yeah you know, you can’t trust gypsies.” He’s from Alabama. But he said, “You can’t trust gypsies. One time when I was little, we had a gypsy neighbor go around and ask for sugar… Continue Reading »

Coronavirus Pandemic – North Korean Biowarfare Conspiracy

Main Piece: Subject: Okay… so basically how the Coronavirus started was this- and this is how it was told to me. Basically, if you look on the news, “Why are there no cases in North Korea? Kim Jong Un closed that off, he’s cutting that thing down to zero.” To which I replied, “Well no… Continue Reading »