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Old School Object Labeling: Tony Kornheiser

Main Performance: Image Labeling Memes have become a tremendous format across multiple social media sites. You see the things everywhere with laughably bad photoshops, other people’s faces crudely cut and pasted over other familiar formats, the works. Its relative simplicity has proliferated its usage like wildfire on twitter and other platforms for mass sharing but… Continue Reading »

Winning or Losing, English or Japanese, just shout “Let’s Go, Justin!”

Main Performance: NC: I think it was in 2004 that happened, you know Moment 37 YJ: The Daigo parry? NC: Yeah and you hear someone in the audience go, “Let’s go Justin!” YJ: What about it? NC: I was studying tech on the videos on twitter last week and saw someone shout it during another… Continue Reading »

Rose Christo and the My Immortal Authorship Debate

“My Immortal is a Harry Potter fan fiction that um is famously very bad. It trended and was popularized because of how famously awful it was. And one of the aspects that made it very popular in addition to its awfulness was that nobody knew who the author was. And for years in fan fiction… Continue Reading »

Double-Cross Blunt and Other Shaped Blunts

This friend knows a lot about marijuana, and on Halloween (a few days after his birthday) he made a double-cross blunt or a large blunt with two smaller blunts inserted at the far end. The goal is that the smoker will get two friends to light all ends of the blunt so that the smoker… Continue Reading »