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Bill Clinton Music Meme

Background: The informant here is explaining a Bill Clinton themed meme that has been exploding on social media during the Covid-19 pandemic. As a college Junior on all social media platforms, the informant also explores the nature of these collaborative quarantine meme challenges. She also explains her own rendition of the meme that she shared… Continue Reading »

“Spaghetti Code” as Computer Science Lingo

Main Piece Informant: Spaghetti Code is exactly what it sounds like, usually, I’ll use Spaghetti Code when I need to get something working, and I don’t give a shit what it looks like. It usually works, but it breaks pretty easily It is completely unreadable but it gets the job done.  Interviewer: In what context… Continue Reading »

“Karen” as a folk term

Main Piece Interviewer: What does “Karen” mean? Informant: Karen is an internet slang word to describe a  very entitled, middle-class white woman. Or a boomer white woman. They are often blonde and they often have very short haircuts. They usually like to speak and the managers, and then proceed to yell at the entry-level employees… Continue Reading »

Fancam Culture

An explanation of the origin and evolution of Fancam culture from the perspective of a k-pop fan. Text: Informant: Fancam culture at the moment is in its most evolved form on Twitter. In which, people will reply to viral tweets, even if they’re unrelated to kpop, with a video that’s focused on a certain figure/idol/celebrity… Continue Reading »